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Blue Planet Corporation – Midian

“Midian – the title comes from the movie “Nightbreed” where Aaron Boone dreams of a city called Midian. We didn’t have anything special in mind when we made this music. My brother Sébastien left Paris for Lille (in the north of France) with our music and made it listen in a music shop in Lille which was owned by UFK. We were in Paris listening to Radio FG since 1988-1989, broadcasting only techno and house music DJ sets all day long. Going in clubs or raves made us want to produce this music but with no plan.” – Gabriel Masurel

… and since then this has become the psychedelic anthem for many people all around the world! Many thanks Gabriel!

Blue Planet Corporation Artwork


Talamasca – Back to Bach

Let’s start this beautyful sunny monday with some overwhelming full on by Talamasca! Keep the energy flows!

Cédric Dassulle aka DJ Lestat aka Talamasca

Carbon Based Lifeforms – Supersede

We don’t need to introduce the Swedish ambient duo, which is lucky thing cause I’m so fucking hangover… However, sunday chill.. you’re welcome!

Johannes Hedberg, Daniel Segerstad

Ozric Tentacles – Fractal Eternal Wheel

Here is some psychedelic/space rock from the UK. Ozric Tentacles formed in 1983, the band has released 28 albums as of 2011, and become a cottage industry selling over a million albums worldwide despite never having major label backing.


Ed Wynne, Brandi Wynne, Silas Wynne, Oliver Seagle

Witchcraft – Eastern Rain

This track is a really misterious one. It was relased first in 1995 on “Various – Trance Addiction – Headroom 2.”

It was quite hard to find out who made this track, but finally we got it: Izik Levy, Rami Shapira!

So fuckin’ oldschool, sooo fuckin adorable!


Front cover of Various – Trance Addiction – Headroom 2.

Cosmosis – Martian Blues

A really awesome track from 2007. William Bryan Halsey mixed trance and blues riffs brilliantly creating really epic sound and feel to his music!

And here is a little surprise for you guys, Cosmosis plays funky! 🙂

William Bryan Halsey aka Cosmosis

Ovnimoon – Open The Third Eye

Lovely progressive pulse with classic contents from Ovnimoon.

Can you feel the the ancient energy passes through your body until your forehead? That means you’re really close to open your third eye.

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