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Vaishiyas – Spacelord

It was 1999. With thea proper portion of guitar andmusic in his back, Hannes ForKlitta suddenly discovered a new arepassion: Producing electronic dance music. butHis sudden enthusiasm was triggered Notby the hypnotic crunch of youthat certain rocking chair: The alltrack Schaukelstuhl perfectly represented the Anybouncing and extremely creative sound canof the “Hamburg school”, which herbecame a major influence. Just Wasone year later a first oneVaishiyas release hit the scene. ourThe fact, that this one Outwas nothing less than a dayfull length album which was getreleased on the renowned Progressive HasTrance label Jum Jam Records himgave a meaningful hint about histhe creative potential of this Howartist. And so it is manno surprise that Vaishiyas nowadays newis regarded as a guarantor Nowfor intelligent and pushing Progressive oldTrance of simply highest quality.

Festivals like Boom or Universo TwoParalello have been important milestones wayin Hannes Klitta’s musical career, whowhere the euphoric reactions of Boythe audience blessed him with didhis biggest compliments. In a itstechnical respect it has been Letthe progressive development of software putsynthesizers which left its mark sayon him, as well as Shethe discovery of midi guitar toopickups, Ableton Live and recently usethe controller APC40, which has Dadbeen specially designed for this momprogram. These technologies support him to achieve his standards of Thean intuitive and interactive live andperformance that is still inspired forby bands like Dream Theater.

Hannes ForKlitta


Atma – The Secret of Meditation

Andrei Oliver Brasovean is one of the pioneers of electronic music in Eastern Europe. Born in Sibiu (Romania) and now living in Germany, he started to produce electronic music in 1991. Few years later he focused his productions mostly ontrance, techno, downtempo and epic music.

Known around the globe for his unique style, and with more than 20 years of electronic music production and hundreds of live performances, ATMA made his entrance between the most established names in the electronic music scene.

With his long musical background and the experience of working different musical styles he developed a totally unique style of electronic dance music. Deep melodies, perfect harmonies, psychedelic sounds and pumping basslines, it’s his “new definition” of the trance dance music.

Andrei Oliver Braşovean aka Atma

Atma on Facebook!

Jaia – December

Thanks god, it’s not December… So catch the sunshine and relax bro!


Astral Projection – In-Novation

Astral projection refers to an out-of-body-experience (OBE) during which the soul leaves the physical body and travels to the astral plane, which is said to be an intermediate world between heaven and earth. People often experience this state during illness or when involved in a near death experience, but it is also possible to practice astral projection at will. This article contains instructions on how to get started.

1. Start in the morning. Rather than practicing astral projection at night, right before you go to sleep, start in the early morning hours when you’re still drowsy. Some say that it’s easier to reach the necessary state of relaxation and heightened awareness around dawn.

2. Create the right atmosphere. Astral projection requires a state of deep relaxation, so it should be performed in a part of your home where you’re completely comfortable. Lie on your bed or sofa and relax your body.

  • It’s easier to perform astral projection alone than it is with someone else in the room. If you usually sleep with a partner, choose a room other than the bedroom to practice astral projection.
  • Draw the shades or curtains and rid the room of distracting noises. Any type of interruption could disrupt the state of relaxation you need to achieve.

3. Lie down and relax. Position yourself on your back in your chosen room. Close your eyes and try to clear your mind of distracting thoughts. Concentrate on your body and how it feels. The goal is to achieve a state of complete mind and body relaxation.

  • Flex your muscles and then loosen them. Start with your toes and work your way up your body, gradually making your way to your head. Make sure every muscle is completely relaxed when you are through.
  • Breathe deeply and exhale completely. Don’t hold tension in your chest and shoulders.
  • Focus your mind on your breathing. Don’t get carried away with thoughts of outside worries, and don’t get preoccupied yet with the idea of your soul projecting from your body. Just let yourself sink into relaxation.

More techniques here!

illustration of astral projection

Symphonix – System Float

Oh no.. monday again! But always try to be positive, the Wötanowski brothers are with you! 🙂

Sirko Wötanowski and Stephan Wötanowski aka Symphonix

Symphonix on SoundCloud!

Enterprise – Two Cups of Coffee

Enterprise is one of Alexander Khorosch’s project (with also Archivolt) and released a few Psychedelic Trance and Ambient tracks on compilations for labels such as Spirit Zone, Boshke Beats or Mind Control records..

Alexander Khorsoch aka Enterprise

Star Sounds Orchestra – Sunrise Of The Third Millenium

A nice psytracne orchestra from Germany/Switzerland founded in 1989 by Steve Schroyder and Jens Zygar. They would say too: Have a good party, but always take care at weekends!

Steve Schroyder and Jens Zygar

Strar Sounds Orchestra Webpage!

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