KhetzaL – Aramean Dreams

The nineties was the era of the emerging electronic music, and that was the time when french artist, Matthieu Chamoux a.k.a. KhetzaL discovered and explored it along with trance, goa and ambient.

Studying music for twelve years, KhetzaL’s music is deeply influenced from the beginning in 1998 by violins and rudiments of music, granting him the ability to add layers of melodic phrases and arpeggios in almost every track he creates.

Every track invites us to an imaginary trip in countries where one can meet traditional instruments with deep and enchanting resonance, along with a lot of sound appearances of Nature, all this blended in an evocative form.

In his songs, rhythms are very straight, with acoustic tones blended with electronic sounds, most of the time the beats are binary. Most of the synth sounds are created by hardware synthesizers, fifty analog, fifty digital. On top of that are added samples of voices, animals, acoustic instruments and strange noises. There are a lot of very melodic lead synths layers, playing arpeggios or positive melodies, in superimposed or successive way.
KhetzaL’s first album Corolle has been released in 2005 (by Suntrip Records). Since then he has started a new musical project with his friend DJ Chaï. This project, called Avigmati, is the combination between melodic trance and full-on energy, psy sounds and a lot of funny samples from everywhere. The two musicians later launched the trance music label Avigmati Records.
Check out KhetzaL’s Facebook page.

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