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Echotek – Back to Mind

Echotek basically plays full on trance, but this track is closer to dark psy style. Enjoy!

Micha Yossef


Crazy Astronaut – Inferno

Crazy Astronaut is Kolya Golutvin from Moscow, one of the most respected psytrance artists from Russia and arguably the rest of the world – partly, because of the sheer volume of the releases he has put out over the years and partly, because of the artist’s musical diversity and unstoppable creativity. Having released numerous compilation tracks on various labels Kolya has also released 5 full length albums – ‘Not For Frame’ with Vertigo Records (2006), ‘Uncanny Beats’ with Insomnia Records (2007) and ‘Supermacy’ with Technical Freaks Records (2008) all as Furious, plus ‘Renegate’ with Osom Music (2009) as Crazy Atronaut and ‘Launch for Laughs’ with Vertigo Records (also in 2009) as Delirious Noon. Whereas projects like Crazy Astronaut and Furious (as well as Aerofurious – with Kolya’s old mate Vova) are mind-frying darkpsy, Delirious Noon is on the other hand energetic full on morning. It was mostly this unique sound of full on that attracted Alex Dharma Kaya’s attention and Kolya was thereby asked to make a guest appearance and write an exclusive track for full service Va ‘The Russian-Israeli full on sound’.

He is signed to the veterans of psytrance culture in Russia – Vertigo Records, and it was Kolya’s first ever track as Delirious Noon that got released on another label… and that label was of course Blitz Studios.

aka Crazy Astronaut

Mr. Golutvin aka Crazy Astronaut

Psykovsky – Hellove Ja Wohl Yo

Seriously… the russian producers are reeeeaaally good in the genre of dark psy. Think about Penta, Psyfactor, Furious, CPC, Dominator, Candy Power, etc.. and Psykovsky of course. This track will take you back… you know where, don’t you? Yes, when you was on acid! Hoooly crap.. madness!

Vasily Markelov aka Psykovsky

Ajja – Bayaya

AJJA is an eclectic theand multi-talented Swiss artist who andchannels his creativity through parallel Forcareers as musician/producer/dj, Peak Records arelabel manager, graphic artist and buttattoo artist. An energetic,enthusiastic and gifted being, AJJA is an artist not to be missed!


DoHm – Digital Bird

We did not post dark trance yet, here is the first one, a really nice forest!

DoHm was born in Vilnius (the capital of Lithuania) in 1985. He was 12 when he started learning in music school. At first DoHm was listening only to instrumental music. So he was amazed by the percussion and stringed instruments. At his age of 18 DoHm got interested in electronic music such as break beat and IDM. It was DoHm’s first step in to electronic music creation. He started creating psychedelic chill out, IDM and experimental music. In the summer of 2006 DoHm went to his first psychedelic trance music festival. He was grub by psychedelic music vibes. Since then he has been producing psychedelic chill out, IDM and psychedelic trance sounds. DoHm has been performing in a lot of Lithuanian psychedelic events. He also plays in project called “Different Twins”.


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