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Awesome full on song from the well known portuguese psychedelic trance producer Manuel Trindade as known as “D-Maniac”.

Manuel Trindade


Snag, The Sunshepherd – The Delta

Oldschool trance from Hungary! This track is a trance remix of the OST of the oldest scientific news show on the hungarian television called Delta. The first broadcast was in 31. January 1964 about the moon landing.

Zoltan Fabian

And ladies and gentleman… the original headline is here (The Electrosonics – Song of the Second Moon 1957):

Pleiadians – I Believe

Pleiadians (aka Etnica) name was forged when a famous label requested them to do so as they didn’t like the idea of them releasing material under another label. Pleiadians since then focused on the production of more sci-fi oriented psychedelic trance music and they are currently producing and performing around the globe under this name.

Maurizio Begotti and Max Lanfranconi

Deedrah – Reload (GMS Remix)

A really nice retro full on from Frederic Holyszewski. He mostly known his psytrance project such as Deedrah, Transwave, Krome Angels and Synthetic.

Frederic Holyszewski

Atma – The Secret of Meditation

Andrei Oliver Brasovean is one of the pioneers of electronic music in Eastern Europe. Born in Sibiu (Romania) and now living in Germany, he started to produce electronic music in 1991. Few years later he focused his productions mostly ontrance, techno, downtempo and epic music.

Known around the globe for his unique style, and with more than 20 years of electronic music production and hundreds of live performances, ATMA made his entrance between the most established names in the electronic music scene.

With his long musical background and the experience of working different musical styles he developed a totally unique style of electronic dance music. Deep melodies, perfect harmonies, psychedelic sounds and pumping basslines, it’s his “new definition” of the trance dance music.

Andrei Oliver Braşovean aka Atma

Atma on Facebook!

Eskimo – The Popcorn

Eskimo (John Ford) is an English Psychedelic Trance DJ and producer, son of John Ford (also known as John Phantasm and owner of Phantasm Records).

Inspired by his father John Phantasm (and consequently the music he heard playing at home when he was young), Eskimo started producing his own music in the studio from the age of 9 but did not begin DJing worldwide until he was 13. Wrapped up in the life of DJing, Eskimo did not return to the studio until he was 15, which was when he ‘wanted to get back into the producing part of it since the music was getting more technical’. Not until then did he start producing under the name of Eskimo. The name was chosen because it bears no connection ‘to the product’. At aged 17 he released his first debut album “Can You Pick Me Up”.

Eskimo’s tunes begin to show up in the sets of psy trance DJs across the globe. By the time he performed his first live set, his repertoire had trebled. His many remixes from this time – some still unreleased due to copyright wrangles – included Infected Mushroom and Skazi, but it was his unofficial remix of The Prodigy “Voodoo People” that was the most popular.

John Ford aka Eskimo

Space Budha – Mental Hotline

Space Buddha is Eliad Grundland (born in 1972), this project was created in the year 1997 & since then had released 8 powerful albums. During the years Space Buddha created an active portal to the Goa Full-on dancefloor reality. Space Buddha had visited every continent of our planet while touring with his music & had participated in many unforgettable festivals worldwide. The Space Buddha intensive drive nature, super high energy sound, massive fireback & Goa atmosphere will shake, blast, twist & pump every molecule of your body & mind. Space Buddha project is well known with its unique interpretations as its setting new standards & limits to the Psy trance scene.

Eliad Grundland aka Space Buddha

Space Buddha on SoundCould!

Space Buddha on Facebook!

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