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Suduaya – House Of The Flyin People

“Suduaya” is a project created in 2006, after a trip in Sri Lanka. That name is a combination of two words that means “white brother” in sinhalese, that was my name given by my friends there. I was making electronic music already for few years and I was searching for a name to start a concrete project, and it came by itself during that trip. I actually started producing psytrance in 2003 with my good friend Jak, known as “LeDruide” (Fantazy Records) and the help of those who brought goatrance to us, Dj Zaag (MMD Records) and Khayyam from the project “Shehoor” (Replicant Records). We’v headed to our first big event in 2004 for the Boom Festival, wich was an amazing discovery, beyond words…I’ve been playing different instruments from my childhood and still having a guitar with me, specially for my chillout sets.

After years of work, my first progressive psytrance release was made by Iono Music on Klopfgeister’s compilation “Stand up against gravity”in 2011. My album Dreaming Sun”(Altar Records) came out on september of that same year. I started touring at the same time, a really nice summer 2011 with many doors of festivals that opened to me, giving me good energy and confidence to keep on working and working. 2012 is a successful year of bookings worldwide, many releases (Ovnimoon records, Synergetic Records), and a new side-project called “Aiodaya” was born (psyprog duo with Aioaska. We made our first EP with BMSS Records.

2013 started with the great Experience Festival (Thailand), followed by gigs in Cambodia and Malaysia. Back in March for Transition Festival (Spain), I am working on a new chillout album for next september (Altar Records) and new psyprog tracks for compilations. I am very much looking forward to this summer, many gigs coming (Forest Star Festival, Life Celebration Festival, S.U.N festival, Summer Never Ends, and many others all over Europe). ”

– Louis-David Roquefere aka Suduaya

aka Suduaya

Louis-David Rockaka Suduaya

Suduaya progressive project on SoundCloud!

Suduya ambient project on Soundcloud!


Lunar Dawn – Blessings From Irij

Lunar Dawn is a joined project of two music enthusiasts,Kristijan Ilisinovic and Sasa Precanica. Grewing up together they developed there senses for music and after millenium started to make music by themselves,but seperately in first!After some time learning of how things work they had their first gig in their homeplace in youth club Skwhat each playing his own music in one output!

In 2010. Kristijan started the Lunar Dawn project releasing officially track The Run for Underground Alien Factory Records ( founder Nikola Petrović, Niš) on compilation Goa Overdose 2, and shortly after that track Genesis for Entities 2, croatian psytrance scene compilation made by Ivan Parić (Neogoa netlabel, Graviton Records netlabel and Neogoa designs founder), Saša Dukić (Psilocybian, Dual Barrel), and Igor Čeranić (Deimos, Dual Barrel, Deimos Soundlabs). Beacuse of their common sense and love for music,soon after Kristijan invited Sasa to play live with him on Lunar Dawn’s first open air,beacuse they alway played live before but in different genres,and also to join fully in production!

So the rumble started and they played some good gigs like noise fest 2012 in Ljubljana in Menza Pri Koritu (Narayan & Lunar Dawn live set), Kula 2012 in Osijek,Goa Beach 2012 in Posedarje, Connection 2012 (Spain), La Belle Etoile Open Air 2012 (France). Also in free time they organise events in youth club Skwhat in Sisak under the name Genesis.

Musical output of Lunar Dawn is unique and energy filled goa trance with no regular basslines and synths,always starting something new in songs without limits and templates!

Blessings From Irij – Lunar Dawn artwork by Neogoa Design

Lunar Dawn on SoundCloud!

JBC Arkadii – Flashing

Sita Records dives into spring season with the long awaited debut album of one of their most prosperous and uprising inhouse artists, JBC Arkadii. Hailing from the faraway realms of Ussuriysk, Russia, situated on the crossroad between eastern and western influences, Arkadii Tronets gathered his inspiration to craft a unique style of Nitzhogoa, with a finely tuned ear for production quality.

This ultimately resulted in ‘Sounds From Tomorrow’, an anthology of his most melodic and memorable tracks he patiently wrote during the past years. So tune in, buckle up and prepare yourself for a flight into deep space, towards a new home of ever expanding universes and never fading stars.

Arkadii Tronets

More info about Nitzhogoa HERE!

JBC Arkadii on Soundcloud!

DoHm – Digital Bird

We did not post dark trance yet, here is the first one, a really nice forest!

DoHm was born in Vilnius (the capital of Lithuania) in 1985. He was 12 when he started learning in music school. At first DoHm was listening only to instrumental music. So he was amazed by the percussion and stringed instruments. At his age of 18 DoHm got interested in electronic music such as break beat and IDM. It was DoHm’s first step in to electronic music creation. He started creating psychedelic chill out, IDM and experimental music. In the summer of 2006 DoHm went to his first psychedelic trance music festival. He was grub by psychedelic music vibes. Since then he has been producing psychedelic chill out, IDM and psychedelic trance sounds. DoHm has been performing in a lot of Lithuanian psychedelic events. He also plays in project called “Different Twins”.


Man Machine

ManMachine, the psychedelic and progressive alter ego of Miroslav Bako. Involved in music last 15 years, also behind his well known “Excizen” moniker within the zones of techno and trance. Miroslav was author and editor of “Ravevox” radio show which was broadcasted for 12 years on serbian RSP fm from year 2000. In the 2003 with his breakbeat track he went into the best 10 musicians in the world on UK’s BBC Radio “Higherground Show”. First Manmachine tracks were signed in 2008 for Kagdila and year later Excizen’s first album was released to high acclaim on the Soundmute Recordings. ManMachine debut album “REINTEGRATE” was released for Ovnimoon Records in 2010 and second on is on his way for YSE Recordings in september 2012. ManMachine also signed tracks on various relases and eps for Midijum Records, Ovnimoon Records, Goa Records, Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Tesseract Studio, Headroom Production, Spacedock Records. For last 2 years he played live sets on Universo Parallelo Festival – Brasil, Voov Festival – Germany, Transilvanya Calling -Romania, Life Celebration Festival – Croatia and various parties around Europe, Serbia, Germany, Switzerland,Sweden, Croatia. Miroslav also write scores for Theater, Film and TV and beside his wide musical affirmation ManMachine stays as a true love and unique passion for musical and psychedelic exploration and creation. ManMachine second album titled “THE SECOND WARP” will be logical conclusion after two-years of hard work and psychedelic consecution.

Man Machine will be heard this summer all over Europe, so be prepaird and catch the party!

Miroslav Bako aka Man Machine


Daniel Lesden

The young Russian producer, Daniel Lesden (Daniil Sokolovskiy) started his career just a few years ago but he has already attracted much attention. He combines trance atmosphere and melodies with progressive pulses and beats, creating an entirely new sound for his music.

“In fact, I’ve started to listen to electronic dance music at the age of 10 (acid music of 90s and Goa trance), and my first music production experience was when I was about 12. But only in 2011 did I decide to become a professional artist.”

Daniel made his first public appearance in 2011 with his own online radio show, named Rave Podcast. Today Rave Podcast features the best selection of Progressive and Trance music, with guest mixes by artists from around the world, and such popular performers as Astral Projection, Artifact303, Lyctum, Magnus, Sonic Species, Ovnimoon, Anton Chernikov, Ephedrix, and more.

“My favorite artist is John 00 Fleming. Not just as DJ and artist, but also as a person who moved forward the whole trance scene throughout his 20-year career. I respect him very much. Several years ago his “Global Trance Grooves” radio show inspired me to start my own show – that’s how “Rave Podcast” was created.”(

In February 2012 Daniel signed a contract with Psy Spy Records, resulting in his release being featured in the latest “PsyTrance Open Air” compilation. Following the first contract, the second agreement was signed the next month — this time with Ovnimoon Records, making the musicians’ debut release, “Contact” (EP) commercially available in August 2012. This release made it to the “Top 100 releases of the month” at PsyShop, steadily climbing up the chart for a month, and finally reaching the 7-th place.

“I graduated as a DJ/music producer in a Moscow-based AUDIO School (certified training center of Ableton, and one of the best educational courses in Europe). I got very good technical experience and skills in that place, so I am very thankful to all my teachers. This is how I’ve started.”

Since then Daniil moved his studio to Israel, continuing his uprising art. Even though nowadays the majority of electronic music producers are imitating each other – of courseit’s hard to come up with something new –, he still can keep his music original and unique.

“Talking about new talents, I really like the music of Serbian guys – Lyctum, Relativ, Copycat, Zyce, E-Clip and more – they are just phenomenal. I also like Israeli producers, such as Vertical Mode, Symbolic, Ritmo, Astrix, Ace Ventura, or Lish. Well, I guess I have about a 100 more favourite artists. As a DJ and radio host, I always keep an eye on the scene, new artists, new tracks.”

His new EP, named “Mars One” will include two tracks: “Mars One” (Original Mix) and “The New Land” (Original Mix). It will be out by Synergetic Records, the sub-label of Plusquam Records LabelGroup.

„At this moment I have two successfully released EP’s, and my 3rd EP will be released very soon.”

…and after this Daniil, and you, dear readers will find a juicy introduction to the “Mars One” EP.

Daniel Lesden – Gate in Summer

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