Astral Projection – Kabalah

Turn on! Tune in! Drop out! It’s saturday!



California Sunshine – Summer 89

Do you remember the summer of 1989? Well, I’m not really cause I was a year old.. but it was probably a very nice phase of madness…


Pleiadians – I Believe

Pleiadians (aka Etnica) name was forged when a famous label requested them to do so as they didn’t like the idea of them releasing material under another label. Pleiadians since then focused on the production of more sci-fi oriented psychedelic trance music and they are currently producing and performing around the globe under this name.

Maurizio Begotti and Max Lanfranconi

Echotek – Back to Mind

Echotek basically plays full on trance, but this track is closer to dark psy style. Enjoy!

Micha Yossef

Goa Gil – Acid Boom

Gil (Gilber Levey) was born in 1951 and grew up in San Francisco, California. He witnessed the birth of thehippie movement and acid rock, and was involved with the freak collectives Family Dog and Sons of Champlin. Feeling that the San Francisco musical scene was falling apart, he took off in 1969, going first to Amsterdam and then to India, settling in Goa. Here he discovered the sadhus, wandering holy men living off the forest, covering themselves with ash, and drinking the “elixir of the gods.” Soon, Gil himself became a Sadhu, Baba Mangalanand, in the order of the Juna Akhara, under the Guru, Mahant Nirmalanand Saraswati Ji Maharaj.

During the early 1980s, many Goa hippies were becoming increasingly fascinated with early electronic music such as Kraftwerk. Gil and his friends soon gathered some equipment and started DJing and playing live music all night long on the Goa beaches. The mix of outdoor electronic dance parties with Eastern mystical and spiritual overtones came to define the aesthetic of the psytrance movement. For Gil, dance is an active form of meditation and the use of trance music is a way to “redefine the ancient tribal ritual for the 21st century”. During the 1990s, the aesthetic of the Goa trance movement spread by way of European andIsraeli backpackers who attended parties in India.

He was interviewed for the 2001 documentary Last Hippie Standing which explored the scene in Goa.

In January 2006 Goa Gil DJ’ed the all-night closing party of the three-day LSD-symposium at Basel, Switzerland, in honor of LSD-inventor Albert Hofmann’s 100-years birthday January 11th 2006, after Hofmann himself had delivered the closing speech of the symposium.

Goa Gil the Godfather of Psytrance

Suntree – Lonesome Dream

My name is Alon Brilant from Tel-Aviv / Israel. All my life I have been influenced by music, from rock to psychedelic trance.
Since 1995, I started DJing at trance parties and started producing music after graduated in 2003 . I was always attracted to the sound of the psychedelic Morning trance and It has always been important to me to incorporate emotions in my music.
Hope that I have succeeded in doing so. Recently I have signed in IONO MUSIC and started working on my debut album, that will be release around April 2009 . My debut album music style is targeted towards the dance floor progressive and incorporate emotions, as much as progressive trance can be.

Alon Brilant aka Suntree

Deep Forest – Sweet Lullaby

Deep Forest is a musical group originally consisting of two French musicians, Michel Sanchez and Eric Mouquet. They compose a style of world music, sometimes calledethnic electronica, mixing ethnic with electronic sounds and dance beats or chillout beats. Their sound has been described as an “ethno-introspective ambient world music.” They were nominated for a Grammy Award in 1994 for Best World Music Album, and in 1995 they won the Award for the album Boheme. The group also became World Music Awards Winner – French group with the highest 1995 world sales. Their albums have sold over 10 million copies.

Michael Sanchez and Eric Mouquet

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